On-going OT Support

It takes time to establish new routines and to try new ways of interacting, which is why additional on-going OT support sessions are available following your initial assessment package. As a compliment to our Occupational Therapy Package, additional follow-on sessions offer you an opportunity to review the interventions you have been trying and will provide you and your family with the opportunity to adapt and add to the strategies you have developed for helping your child, to help your child manage daily activities as calmly and as independently as possible.  At the end of each session, our OT will discuss on-going support with you so that together you can decide whether or not you would benefit from additional OT sessions in future.

To qualify, your child must have been assessed by our OT previously via our three-session OT Package in order to ensure that all recommendations and advice are specific to your child’s needs.

Each session is one-to-one and lasts a full hour.  The main aim and purpose is to ‘check in’ with you once you’ve had time to put strategies and advice from your assessment into place.  Sessions focus on:

  • Reviewing what worked well / what didn’t work
  • How to adapt strategies to make them more effective
  • New techniques and strategies which may help

Each additional OT session (1 hour) costs £80

For all OT bookings please email [email protected]
or call 01785 748 447