Introduction to Autism (i-2-A)

An introductory course for parents, carers and family members of children who have been recently diagnosed with autism

Our flagship course, run over 6 sessions, Introduction to Autism can be run for parents and professionals

Introduction to Autism is a course that we have developed with parents over a number of years, improving and refining it as we've gone along. The course is for parents, carers and family members of a child who has been recently diagnosed with autism. It offers an opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the condition, learn about its various characteristics and get to meet other parents who are at the same point in their journey. It covers a range of difficulties faced by children who have autism, including communication, rigidity of thought, social interaction and sensory differences.

i-2-A aims to help you see the world through your child's eyes and this, in turn, opens up a range of possibilities for helping you manage and support your child in the most positive way you can. The course covers:

  • Communication
  • Rigidity of Thought
  • Social Interaction 
  • Sensory Differences

i-2-A will help you to see the world from an autism perspective which will help you to manage and support your child in a positive way.


Contact us if you are interested in attending an i-2-A course. We will take your details and as soon as numbers are sufficient we will ring you and arrange dates.
Please note, charges apply to this and all other courses listed on these pages.

This modular course is usually delivered to participants over six 90 minute sessions. This works out at £90 per person per course, or £15.00 per session. Parents are expected to sign up for all six sessions and courses must be fully booked (i.e. minimum of 8 people).

For professionals, the course can be run over a one- or two-day training session. Professionals enquiring about training in i2A are welcome to contact us for further information. 

Bespoke training packages can be arranged.