Occupational Therapy

Specialist assessment, support and advice for coping with the physical and sensory demands of the environment

Occupational Therapy at Midlands Psychology

Occupational Therapy uses a holistic approach to look at ways of reducing the difficulties a person can have with activities of daily living. Through assessment, we explore physical, social, emotional, sensory and cognitive aspects of a person and offer solutions to help them make improvements.

In autism, a person can typically experience difficulties with motor co-ordination and/or sensory processing. For example, this may make someone appear clumsy or reluctant to carry out tasks because it is too disturbing for them.

The OT approach at Midlands Psychology

  • Looks at how a person
    • Sleeps and performs other essential activities
    • Interacts with their environment,
    • Makes recommendations to help a person manage the identified difficulties


  • Places the child or adult at the centre of the plan
  • Follows NICE guidelines
  • Follows the Royal College of Occupational Therapist’s practice guidelines to help a person manage, not fix their sensory needs (you can download the RCOT briefing by clicking here)

Assessment Process

  • Parent or carer completes a questionnaire on current abilities
  • 1-2 hours appointment to examine the responses and carry out observations
  • Consider any further assessments such as sensory
  • Report written and issued.
  • 1-hour telephone consultation to discuss the report (if required)

Further Consideration (subject to additional costs)

  • Home visits to carry out assessment or to discuss the final report
  • Monthly support meetings for up to 12 months
For further information please email Brett at [email protected]
or telephone us on (01785) 748447